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Mobile apps are taking over the World. Look around you. Who needs an eye contact when you have a smart phone nowadays? The mobile technology trends will continue disrupting many processes of our daily lives conveniently providing us with an opportunity to improve our efficiency through multitasking.

Consumer purchasing decisions is one of the most important aspects mobile technology is influencing and changing. Strategically, you have to think about the effects of such change on you, your brand, products and services you provide.

Creating a great application is a challenge in itself, as you consider why anyone would want to use your app, in that sense what problem are you solving for the consumer? The process involves thinking from the consumer side of the app with the user experience in mind, making your application fun, easy and simple to use. These are just some of the keys to building an app with a large consumer base.

Consider starting the challenging and sometimes daunting task of creating a successful mobile strategy asking yourself three simple questions:

1. Am I solving a problem for a consumer?
2. Do I provide a simple solution,?
3. Is my solution easy to use and fun?

Apps such as Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and Flickr all follow the 3 main rules they solve a problem (collecting personal moments), they are simple (with a click of a button) and have a fun user experience (as consumers can view themselves and share their special moments with others). Additionally, they build an ecosystem facilitating users engagement with one another, and that engagement between users is what helps an app go viral.

Once you have a great app developed and you’re ready to have it go viral, you need to consider how you will build up the initial user base, and how you will retain the initial user base through engagement in order to grow in your scaling stage.

A successful strategy will embody the processes for success from the begging of penetrating the market, all the way throughout to expansion and scaling to meet the expanding user-base demand.

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On April 15, 2013
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